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CI3 was formally established in March 2012, and is jointly owned by Elan Industries and PTL Group. CI3 offers overseas SME’s a quick, secure and cost-effective way of establishing and gradually developing their manufacturing capabilities in China.

This incubator currently occupies 12,000m2 with an additional 8,000m2 available for expansion. CI3 offers production sites from 250m2, and each business has access to the shared facilities, which include the reception, canteen, and break areas.

We choose to cooperate with Joomlass to build an efficient website platform and marketing promotion


  • 品牌策划设计
  • 网站功能实现
  • 品牌推广运营
  • SEO营销优化
  • 技术实现及技术支持
  • CMS: Joomla3核心平台
  • 语言:中/英文多语